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Oscar Lerma


What is the current Interchange Control Version Number? The specifications for the 005010X222 I am using from WPC do not detail the ISA/IEA control segments.

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ISA12, control, segment


This issue is explicitly addressed in all guides, including 005010X222. Section C.1 in all guides identifies the specification for the ISA and other control segments.

Page C.5 states:

REQUIRED ISA12 I11 Interchange Control Version Number M 1 ID 5/5
Code specifying the version number of the interchange control segments

CODE: 00501
DEFINITION: Standards Approved for Publication by ASC X12 Procedures Review Board through October 2003
Submission 4/2/2010
Status Date 4/5/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222