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Peter Anderson


In version 5010 (, the IG explicitly limits the number of claim status requests to 1 per real-time 276 transaction. In the 4010 IG (1.5), there is no explicit limit for real-time requests. Does this mean that an information source that processes only 1 claim status request per real-time 276 is not in compliance with the 4010 IG?

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Although the 004010X093A1 Guide does not explicitly limit the number of claim status requests to 1 per real-time 276 transaction, that intent is implied in Section 1.5 - Batch and Real Time Definitions, where it states in real time mode ‘a request’ (implying 1) is sent. However, since the guide did not explicitly set a request limit on real time Claim Status requests, Trading Partners may establish their own agreed upon limit.


The limit of 1 claim status request per real time transaction has been an accepted industry practice and was consequently added to the 005010X212 for clarity.
Please see the Disclaimer related to determining compliance.
Submission 4/15/2010
Status Date 5/21/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X093A1
Set ID276
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RFI ID 929
Document 005010X212
Set ID276