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Nancy Fouche


One of the TR3 Notes states that the segment may be included in a response when needed to identify a specific provider, but the NPI must be used once it is in play. PRV02 only allows for a qualifier of PXC which is used for "Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code". What should PRV02 when the NPI is to be returned?

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271 PRV


The 2100C/D TR3 Segment Note 3 was carried over from the 004010X092 segment note and was not removed when PRV02 was updated to only allow PXC. The next version of the TR3 will either correct the note or modify the code values allowed in PRV02. In 005010X279, only PXC is allowed, and therefore this segment will only be used for the taxonomy code.
Submission 4/15/2010
Status Date 7/30/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
Set IDn/a
Segment PositionP0203
Segment IDPRV
Element Position02