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Donald Graves


On page 383 of the 5010X223 TR3, the REF segment Other Secondary Identification has a Segment Repeat value of 2. Why? The only allowed qualifier is SY to stipulate a Social Security Number.

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5010 837I Subscriber Secondary SSN repeat


The ASCX12 837 workgroup intent for Loop 2330A Other Subscriber Secondary Identifier was a repeat of 1, with SY as the only available qualifier. Section 1.12.3 in the 005010X223 TR3 expressly forbids sending multiple REF segments with the same qualifier at the same position in the transaction. The workgroup will be correcting the repeat count in a future version of the 837I TR3. Until then, the SY qualifier should be used only one time in Loop 2330A in 005010X223A1.
Submission 4/16/2010
Status Date 5/21/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223
Set ID837
Segment Position3550
Segment IDREF
Industry NameOther Subscriber Secondary Identificatio
Code ValueSY