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James Hughes


According to the 5010 IG’s (I’m looking at 005010x231 for 999), section B., a repeating data element (new for 5010), can be either a simple data element or a composite data structure.

Would it look like this (entire composite is treated as repeating) (: = COMPOSITE SEPARATORE, { = REPEAT ELEMENT SEPARATOR):

Or like this (the elements within the composite are repeating):

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5010 repeating seperator 'repeating seperator'


The issue is explicitly addressed in guide 005010X231. Section B. states "Repeating data elements are adjacent data elements that occur up to a number of times specified in the standard as number of repeats."

In addition, X12.6 Section 3.7 states the following:
"Adjacent occurrences of the same repeating simple data element or composite data structure in a segment shall be separated by a repetition separator."

Applying the logic from X12.6 the correct example is:



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Submission 5/13/2010
Status Date 10/20/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010x231
Section B.1.1.3
Set ID005010