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Suman de


I am bit stuck on a point and need your help for validation of the same.

If you look at the TR3, there are usage for each element that are mentioned in the left hand side and the right hand side also have some usage as per the X12 standards.
My question is that when we make a SNIP level of validation which usage is been considered, as in some cases the 2 are contradictory. E.G. in 270 , BHT05 is required but X12 element attribute says that its Optional.
Now when you do a SNIP Level-1 check you have to comply to the element attributes. How do one conform to the usage in that case?

Appreciate your help on this?


The implementation guide (IG) provides both the implementation usage and the X12 standard requirement designator. The implementation usage for a data element appears in the left column labeled “Usage”. The standard requirement designator appears on the right side in the first position of the column labeled “Attributes.”


If you are validating a transaction for compliance with the IG, you must use the implementation usage. The standard requirement is provided as a reference only. Note that the implementation usage must comply with the standard, but may further constrain the standard requirement as it does in the case you cited.
Submission 5/20/2010
Status Date 7/7/2010
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