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Dora Lambert


In the 5010 TR3, MOA segment there is a situational rule that says the segment is required for outpatient/professional claims where there is a need to report a RARC at the claim level or when the payer is Medicare or Medicaid and MOA01, 02, 08 or 09 are non-zero. The MOA02 data element situational rule says this data element is required when the outpatient institutional claim HCPCS Payable Amount is not zero for a Medicare or Medicaid claim.

What is the Medicaid requirement? What is the HCPC payable amount? Is it the sum of all lines?

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MOA02 HCPCS Payable Amount


The requirement for Medicaid specific to MOA02 is that the segment and element are required whenever the HCPCS Payable Amount is non-zero. So, if the payer is Medicaid and any of the services within the claim identifies a HCPCS code as the adjudicated procedure code (SVC01-2) without rejecting that service line then the MOA segment and MOA02 must be present.

MOA02 is the sum of all paid HCPCS service lines on the claim when not zero.

A HCPCS service line is defined as a service line that is paid based upon a HCPCS procedure code. If not paid by HCPCS procedure codes then this would not be populated.
Submission 5/21/2010
Status Date 9/15/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Set ID835
Segment Position0350
Segment IDMOA
Element Position02
Industry NameOutpatient Adjudication Information