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In the 5010 Health Care Claim: Professional (837) Errata, there was a change made to the Basic Character set.

It states:

Appendix B Nomenclature
259. In section B., blank spaces in the Basic Character Set were replaed with a quote mark (") and apostrophe (').

Does this mean that the Segment Terminator cannot be a space?

Submitter Assigned Keywords

Segment Terminator / Basic Character Set values


Per X12.6 Section 3.3.1 the basic character set includes the quote mark ("), apostrophe (') and the space character for version 5010 of the standard. The errata change is in compliance with the standard.
We further note that the appendix of 004010X098A1 is the same as 005010X222A1.


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Submission 6/3/2010
Status Date 10/20/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222