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James Sherwood


With 5010, the ISA11 element is a Rep Ele Sep. With 4010, this element is an Interchange Control Standards Identifier and the value is "U". In 4010, if the ISA11 is blank then a TA1 reject is returned with the TA105 as "022" Invalid Control Structure-which I believe will still be correct for 5010. In 4010, if the ISA11 is a character other than U then 2 TA1 reject segments are returned. The first with a TA105 016-Invalid Interchange Standards Identifier Value and the second with a TA105 002 - This Standard as Noted in the Control Standards Identifier is Not Supported. The TA1 documentation issue I found in the 5010 999/TA1 TR3, is on pg 79 specifically under the TA105 element information. The Note Code 016 is still documented as - Invalid Interchange Standards Identifier Value, even though there is NO Interchange Standards Identifier Value in the ISA segment for any of the 27x or the 999/TA1. Shouldn't Note Code 016 be changed to Invalid Rep. Element Sep.? possibly Note Code "002" should be changed?

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HIR 1087/RFI 2010-12 complete response text:

According to Version 5010 of the standard, there is no way to explicitly identify an interchange rejection
due to an invalid repetition separator. The code that most closely describes the error condition is “022”–
“Invalid Control Structure.”
Version Release 5042 or later versions of the X12 standard contain a new code in TA105, data
element I18 – “032” - “Invalid Repetition Separator.”
Code 16 remains valid in the code list since there is no restriction for a TA1 segment in one version of
the standard from acknowledging an interchange from a prior version of the standard.


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Submission 6/25/2010
Status Date 2/15/2011
Status F - Final
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