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Patrice Kuppe


277CA - 2200C Loop - TR3 Note regarding use of TRN02 .

According to the note, the assigned value of zero or the sender assigned value would not be of value to the receiver of the 277CA if the original claim had multiple loops with the same billing provider. How does a zero or an assigned value inform the receiver of the 277CA of where the error is?

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277CA TR3


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 005010X214. The note on the 2200C loop TRN segment states "Because the TRN segment is syntactically required in order to use Loop 2200C, TRN02 can either be a sender assigned value or a default value of zero (0)."

The loop 2200C value in TRN02 is not intended to be of any help in identifying where an error is located. It is required syntactically in order to use other parts of the 2200C loop. Identification of the specific error, if there is an error, would be in the other parts of the 2200C loop, like the STC segment, and would apply to all claims from that provider of service.
Submission 7/9/2010
Status Date 7/9/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X214
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