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Boyle-Campbell Donna


Several segments identify their usage with the following note “Required when […] believes this is needed for an Alternate Search Option supported by the Information Source (See Section 1.4.8).”

Is it correct to state that any search option, other than the Required Primary Search Option, is considered an “alternate” search option? The confusion exists because of the existence of search options that contain the word “alternate” in the title, specifically those search options referenced in and Would each of these in be considered “alternate” search options or only and as they’re titled “alternate”?


While 005010X279 Section 1.4.8 identifies “search options” that include “alternate” in the title, and 2 that do not contain “alternate” in the title, any search option outside of the Required Primary Search Option is considered an “alternate” search option. This means that any inquiry that has less than all 4 pieces of information identified in the Required Primary Search option is an “alternate” search option.

A change addressing the various search options sections will be considered for inclusion in a future version upon workgroup review and approval.
Submission 7/9/2010
Status Date 8/26/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X279
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