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Tony Voris


Section of the 5010 states:
"Reversing the original claim payment is accomplished with code 22, "reversal of previous payment", Send original Claim Adjustment group codes in CAS01; and appropriate adjustments. All original charge, payment, and adjustment amounts are negated."

What is the ruling for CARC values that may be deactivated at the time the reversal 835 is created and sent to the provider? Is it ok to report these deactivated CARC values on the reversal 835?

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Reversal, CARC, Adjustment Reason


This issue is not addressed in the guide, but by the owning committee for the Claim Adjustment Reason Code list. See their definition and restrictions on usage of stop dated codes at:

Submission 7/13/2010
Status Date 8/26/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X221
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