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Julia Dunicheva


IG for 820 x263, lists ISA11 value as 'U'. But X12 standard uses ISA11 as repetition separator for version 5030.
Is this the expected change from the standard or a typo ?


For version 5030 of the standard, the value of ISA11 is the repetition separator.

Further Discussion

The technical report type 3 designated as X263, appears to have a typographical error.

As described in X12.5 Section 4.3 [see following], the graphical character transmitted in ISA11 will be taken as the repetition separator for the interchange. A graphical character “U” would be compliant with the standard but not recommended for use.

“if a character is selected for the data element separator, the component element separator, the repetition separator or the segment terminator from those available for the data elements, that character is no longer available during this interchange for use in a data element.” – Reference from X12.5 Section 4.3
Submission 8/24/2010
Status Date 7/6/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005030x263
Set ID820
Segment IDISA
Element Position11