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Minnie White


The CL1 - Institutional Claim Code segment is required when requesting certification for admission (UM01=AR) to a facility. Can you clarify the meaning of CL104 - Nursing Home Residential Status Code. The situational rule in the the TR3 states: Required when certification involves a nursing home resident.
Is this status code for a patient who currently resides in a nursing home is being transferred to an acute care facility, therefore, the status is for where they currently reside?
Or, is it related to a patient who is being admitted to a nursing home facility where the admission certification is to the nursing home as opposed to a hospital?

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278 278X217 CL104


The status code is for a patient who currently resides in a nursing home and is being admitted to a hospital.
Submission 10/19/2010
Status Date 11/19/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
Set ID278
Segment Position1100
Segment IDCL1
Element Position04
Industry NameNursing Home Residential Status Code