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Bonnie McLaughlin


5010 introduces 2320/AMT02 for Remaining Patient Liability, which is Situationally Required when adjudicated and claim level info provided, and 2430/AMT Remaining Patient Liability, also Situationally Required, when adjudicated and service/line level info is provided.

The format for these is that AMT/02 (Monetary Amount) is REQUIRED when the segment is submitted and is in monetary format. However the X12 specification does not specifically indicate for these fields whether 0 (zero) is an acceptable value, or not, the way that it does with other segments, for example 2320/AMT1 for Paid Amount.

Is zero an acceptable value for this field?

Thank you!


Yes. A zero dollar amount is acceptable in the Remaining Patient Liability segment when the provider does not expect additional payment for this line (2430 AMT) or claim (2320 AMT).
Submission 10/22/2010
Status Date 12/8/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223
Set ID837I