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Todd Cochrane


Clarify usage of Data Element 954 (Percent) in the TXI (Tax Information) segment. Within the user community, for example, 12% is being conveyed in this element as .12 or as 12. which is the usage intended by X12?


The submitter correctly points out that, for data element 954, the ASC X12 data dictionary defines the field as a percentage expressed as a decimal. For this data element, 12% is intended to be conveyed as .12 (12/100ths). The use of 12 in this field would be considered as 12., as the decimal if not present is implied to be at the far right of the number. In the ITA data segment, data element 332 Allowance or Charge Percent, is an example where percentage is expressed as a whole number. In this case, 12% would be indicated by 12. The difference between the two is that Data Element 954 is defined as a percentage expressed as a decimal.


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Submission 1/1/1994
Status Date 1/1/1994
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 3040