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MaryAnne Zingaro


On page 48-49 of the 835 In section Claim Overpayment Recovery

In option 2 it states:

“This process would also be used if the provider were to remit the funds without the payer initiating the refund. The payer would acknowledge that the funds were received using the original trace number to indicate which payment the overpayment was from. WO would be used for this situation as well.”

Would the trace number be the provider or the payer check number?


The “Trace number” referenced in the front matter section is in all cases the TRN02.

This could be the EFT number the Check number or a uniquely assigned number from the payer.

This is NOT the check number of the check that is being sent to the payer from the provider for the overpayment.
Submission 11/11/2010
Status Date 2/7/2011
Status F - Final
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