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Could you explain when we need to send information in 2310C? Should we send 2310C if the POS is not "11" for "office"? Or should we send 2310C if the NPI differs from the NPI in 2010AA?

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First and foremost, the 2310C Service Facility Location Name is only sent if "the location of the health care service is different than that carried in the 2010AA (Billing Provider) loop." Within the 2310C loop the NM109 which is used to report the NPI, is only sent if "the service location to be identified has an NPI and is not a component or subpart of the Billing Provider entity." In other words, the NPI is sent only when the organization named in the 2310C loop is external to the entity identified as the Billing Provider.
Submission 12/21/2010
Status Date 2/7/2011
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X222
Set ID837P
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