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Carol Simpson


Louisiana Medicaid has the need for the time as well as date of an event. Since the 278 only allows for the use of D8 and RD8 qualifiers in the DTP02 field in the 2000E segment we are unable to receive this information. Since the MSG segment has this notation "Do not use the MSG segment to relay information that you can send using codified information in existing data elements. If you need to use the MSG segment, you should approach X12N with data maintenance to solve the business need without the use of the MSG". We are requesting your assistance in determining a compliant method for receiving this information. Is it appropriate to use the PWK segment?

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Time as well as Date


Thank you for meeting with the work group to explain your business need for the event time as part of determining an authorization for services. Your explanation of utilizing the Event time to identify the appropriate provider (i.e. Emergency Room versus Primary Care Physician) as part of a service request authorization was most helpful in our understanding the business need. WG10 will add code values to the DTP02 in the Event Loop for date and time and range date and time in a future version of the guide. As a workaround in the current 5010 implementation we suggest that you and your trading partners use the MSG segment to indicate the time.
Submission 2/7/2011
Status Date 5/6/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010x217
Set ID2000E