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scott mauck


In 4010, we used the 2100c PER seg to return Case Name in PER02. With 5010, the 2100c PER segment is removed. We don't see anywhere else in the 2100c loop to return this kind of info. Where should we return Case Name in 5010?


The 4010 2100C PER segment was to be used to provide contact information for the Subscriber. The Subscriber Contact Name in PER02 was to be used when identifying the person to contact when it was not the subscriber (such as parent or guardian).

The 2100C PER segment was removed in 005010X279 because the information source was not commonly going to always have the most updated contact information for the patient as well as to address additional concerns about privacy.

Without understanding the concept of Case Name in this context, we can only speculate what is needed by the submitter. If the Case Name needs to be returned to identify a person related to the patient or the member’s care, that information can be returned in the NM1 segment of the 2120C/D loop and contact information can be returned in the PER segment of the 2120C/D loop.
Submission 2/28/2011
Status Date 12/13/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
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