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Julia Dunicheva


How following problem can be reported in 999 transaction?
For example, 837 transaction starts as follows:

ISA*00*Authorizat*00*Security I*ZZ*Interchange Sen*ZZ*Interchange Rec*061015*1037*^*00501*000031033*0*T*:
GS*HC*Sample Sen*Sample Rec*20061015*1037*123456*X*005010X223A1
NM1*41*2*JONES HOSPITAL*****46*12345

XXX is unrecognized segment.
Should it be reported in 999 in the following way : IK3✽XXX✽3✽✽1 ?
If yes, value XXX sent in IK301 element is not defined in code source 77, specified as a source for IK301 element. Is this acceptable and compliant with TR3? Might such 999 transaction be rejected because of invalid IK301 value?


The X12C Communications and Controls subcommittee evaluated the example included with your request for interpretation. The subcommittee concluded the error would not be reported within the IK3 segment, as the example does not include a segment found within code source 77. This error would be responded with the IK5. With regard to your question concerning a 999 containing an IK3 segment with the AK301 with a value of XXX, the value of XXX would create an invalid 999.


The subcommittee evaluated the possibility of modifying AK301 data element to not be an ID or reference a code list as a potential long term solution. The requestor is encouraged to submit a work request.
Submission 3/9/2011
Status Date 6/27/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X231
Set ID999
Segment IDIK3
Element Position01