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John St.George


In 005010X279, and A1, for the 270, TRN in Loop 2000C, Subscriber Level, the A1 has removed the requirement that TRN03 begin with a 1,3, or 9.

However, for the 271, for TRN in Loop 2000C, implementation segment note 5 calls for returning the exact value from the 270. However the requirements specified for the 271 TRN03 still require an initial 1, 3, or 9.

How is an information source going to create a compliant transaction of the initial 270 TRN03 did not start with a 1,3, or 9?

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TRN 270 271 conflict


The purpose of TRN03 is to identify the company assigning the trace number in TRN02 and is defined by that company. The requirement regarding the restriction to using 1, 3 or 9 was previously part of the 4010 Standard. This restriction was removed in the 5010 Standard and the authors of the TR3 intended to remove the requirement entirely from the 270/271 transaction to mirror the change in the X12 standard. This was removed for the 270 in the 005010X279A1; however the requirement was unintentionally not removed from the 271.

The primary purpose of the TRN when returning the TRN from the 270 (TRN01 = 2) is to echo what was received in TRN02, TRN03 and TRN04. This allows the information receiver to locate their own TRN and reconcile the transaction in their system.

The second note for the 271 2000C and 2000D TRN03 states “If TRN01 is “2", this is the value received in the original 270 transaction” and receivers of 271 transactions expect to receive the value in TRN03 as sent. The intent has always been to return what was received in the original TRN03 and there was no intent to have an entity change the number received in TRN03. In this case, the second note takes precedence over the third note.

An information source must return the values received in TRN02, TRN03 and TRN04 as they were received and not modify them in any way.

For clearinghouses or payers returning their own TRN segment in the 271, they will still have to begin TRN03 with a 1, 3 or 9 as identified in the third note.

The note requiring TRN03 begin with 1, 3 or 9 will be removed from the 271 for the next version of the TR3.


The 271 2000C and 2000D TRN03 third note states “The first position must be either a “1” if an EIN is used, a “3” if a DUNS is used or a “9” if a user assigned identifier is used”. If the TRN03 received does not have one of these values, the creator of the 271 would not know “if” an EIN, DUNS or user assigned identifier was used and is not required to insert one of these values and is to return the value as received per the second note.

As mentioned above, since the second note takes precedence over the third note, there is no need to put in logic to determine if 1, 3 or 9 should be inserted and the value in TRN03 must be returned as received.
Submission 3/14/2011
Status Date 7/22/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
SectionTable 2
Set ID270
Segment Position0200
Segment IDTRN
Element Position03