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Susan Langford


The GS Segment Repeat (1) was removed in the Errata for 837I, 837P, and 837D. We take this to mean that there is again NO limit for GS/GE Functional Groups in 5010 for the 837 transaction.

However, in the 277CA x214, the Segment Repeat limit remains unchanged at one (1).

Does this mean, if we receive multiple GS/GE Functional Groups within a single submission of claims, that seperate and multiple 277CA transaction files must be created in response?

Also, how are the GS control numbers to be handled in this sort of case?

Please advise...Thanks!!

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GS Segment Repeat 837 277CA Control Numbers


Per the purpose and scope of the 277 transaction set does not respond to a functional group of an EDI interchange. The appropriate transaction to respond or acknowledge a functional group is the 999 or 997. With regards to your question concerning more than one functional group per interchange, the number of 277 transaction sets is not directly proportional to the number of functional groups, as the 277 is used for responding to the 837 data content. The standard allows for more than one functional group per interchange.

The 277 transaction set does not specifically echo the functional group control number; instead the BHT03 value of the 837 transaction set is echoed within the transaction set.
Submission 3/14/2011
Status Date 7/6/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X214
Set ID005010
Segment IDGS