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Paul Wanderscheid


We have a question to clarify the rules around Not Used segments/elements in the 270/271 4010 transaction.

IG reads: Not Used This item should not be used when complying with this implementation guide.

Should data be sent in a Not Used segment/element? Should a receiver of a transaction with data in a Not Used segment/element be accepted or rejected?

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270 Industry Usages


The purpose of section is to inform implementers how to determine if a transaction complies with the industry usage requirements defined in the implementation guide. Thus a transaction containing a Not Used element does not comply with the implementation guide.

Implementers should not include a Not Used element or segment in a transaction. Other implementers using the implementation guide will not expect the Not Used item and they might reject the transaction, ignore the data, or process it incorrectly.

The implementation guide does not restrict how receivers react to non-compliant transactions. Implementers should consider their business requirements and applicable regulations when deciding whether to accept or reject transactions that do not comply with the implementation guide.


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Submission 4/8/2011
Status Date 5/6/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X092A1
Set ID3.1