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Malene Davis


The CTX-Business Unit should be returned when the error in the IK3 loop is within a business unit. There is no definition of "Business Unit" and we are wondering what the definition is.

For example, the 270 has a business unit identifier of TRN02, so does that mean the if the error occurs after the TRN segment, it would be considered within the business unit? Using this example, if there is a dependent loop and the TRN segment is in the dependent loop, and a validation error occurs at the provider level, would this CTX be returned?

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999, CTX


The purpose of this implementation guide is to provide standardized data content and structure to users of the ASC X12 999 transaction set for Health Care Insurance. This implementation guide is intended to enable a receiver of a functional group based on an X12 Implementation Guideline (TR3) related to Health Care Insurance business processes, to report the syntactical and relational analysis as specified by that implementation guideline (TR3), or to acknowledge receipt of an error-free transaction set.

This 999 is not limited to only Implementation Guide (IG) errors. It can report standard syntax errors, as well as IG errors.

This 999 implementation guide can NOT be used for any application level validations.
Submission 4/27/2011
Status Date 2/4/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010x231