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Amrita Kalkura


We are looking at the user note in 5010 for INS09

"Required when describing a non-spouse dependent whose age requires a
qualifying condition for enrollment (e.g., being an active student). See the
Plan contract for details of the age requirements for student status usage."

and we are in the process of creating edits for INS09 based on INS02 values.

Is it appropriate to require INS09 to be used as 'N' when INS02='23'?

We already have the following checks

1. INS09 should not be used when INS02 is 01, 18, 53, 19 & 24.
2. If INS02 = 23, INS09 should be N.



Yes. If INS02 is equal 23, then INS09 would equal N.
Submission 5/5/2011
Status Date 7/8/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X220
Section834 Tran
Set ID2000
Segment IDINS
Element Position09