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Pam Kiehlmeier


While ERIE INSURANCE is analyzing ways to improve our Auto Other Interest EDI reporting, we are gathering our trading partner’s interpretation of the NM101 codes we send on the 811’s. We have received a mixed bag of responses, especially for the I1 code.

The ASC X12 Implementation Guide, version 3050, lists the Entity Identifier Codes for the NM1* loop as follows:

I1 Interested Party
LE Lessor
LM Lending Institution

What is the ASC X12 informal interpretation of these codes?

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Entity Identifier Codes


Since no partners are using an Implementation guide newer than the v3050 guide, our response is focused based on that guide and written as the fields are being used.

Per the Property and Casualty workgroup of X12N, our joint understanding of the 3050 guide as it relates to the NM101 values of I1, LE, and LM are as follows:

Within the HL Level 1 where the lender is identified, the partner sending the 811 file should use either a value of LE to indicate lease portfolios, or LM to indicate retail portfolios or I1 to indicate an interested party that is not a financial institution.

Within the HL Level 8 the I1 value should be used to indicate the financial institution is listed as Additional Interest on leased vehicles. The insurer sends I1 in NM101, level 8, when LE is sent in NM101 on Level 1. In cases where the policy has excluded drivers, NM101 can contain ED for excluded driver.
Submission 6/3/2011
Status Date 10/17/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 003050X026
Set ID811