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mark keitel


There is an issue where the first name element from XML has a space after the last letter of the name. Converting this to EDI , it retains the space. Our validator for EDI passes it, but our partners' do not.
Is a space at the end of such an element valid EDI?

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This issue is addressed in all guides in section A1.3.1.4. The definition of an AN element includes: "Trailing spaces should be suppressed unless they are necessary to satisfy a minimum length." This section of the implementation guides is extracted from Section of X12.6, Application Control Structures, the official standard defining an AN (string) element. The formal definition of data element type AN, presented in Backus-Naur Format, allows trailing spaces, while the text also clearly recommends that trailing spaces, although valid, should be avoided. Since this is a question about the underlying standard, if you wish a formal response from ASC X12, please submit a formal Request for Interpretation by email or letter to ASC X12.


Remove trailing spaces when transmitting name information.
Submission 11/10/2004
Status Date 1/21/2005
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 0040x092A1
Set ID270A1
Segment IDNM1
Element Position04
Industry NameDependent First Name