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Blackwell Brian


There is a dispute between our Trading Partners and our Vendor over which value should be contained in the 5010 999 Response (005010X231A1). When testing a 5010 837 Professional (005010X222A1) we genereated a 999 response. Within that response, the GS08 and ST03 values contained 005010X222A1. Our Trading Partner said it should only have a value of 005010X231A1 but the Vendor who supplies our validation software said the GS08/ST03 should respond much the 4010 997's. (where the GS08/ST03 of the inbound source file are carried over the 997's GS08/ST03)

I have read the TR3 in the Implementation Guide but cannot decipher who is correct. Please clarify what values should be in the GS08 and ST03 of a 5010 999 response file. Thank you.

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999 5010 GS08 ST03 005010X231


Per the 005010X231A1 999 Implementation Guide the value of ST03 and GS08 must be : 005010X231A1.

REQUIRED ST03 1705 Implementation Convention Reference O 1 AN 1/35 Reference assigned to identify Implementation Convention SEMANTIC: The implementation convention reference (ST03) is used by the translation routines of the interchange partners to select the appropriate implementation convention to match the transaction set definition. When used, this implementation convention reference takes precedence over the implementation reference specified in the GS08.

This field contains the same value as data element GS08. This value is always 005010X231 when this implementation guide is utilized. Some translator products strip off the ISA and GS segments prior to application processing. Providing the information from GS08 at this level will help ensure the appropriate application mapping is utilized at translation time.
Submission 6/7/2011
Status Date 10/14/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X231
Segment IDST
Element Position03
Industry NameInsurance (Health Care)