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Julia Dunicheva


What types of errors may be reported in 2200C STC segment ? More specificaly are they limited to errors specific for Billing provider only, or they can include errors related to a subordinate claim.


The 2200C STC Rule specifies status at this level is related to a specific Billing Provider's group of claims. The guide author's intent of the provider level status (2200C Loop within each 2000C Loop) is to report provider level errors that caused that specific provider's group of claims to be rejected (See 2000C HL04=0 Note). It is not intended to be used for reporting a culmination of claim specific rejection statuses as there would be no way to associate the status message to a specific claim. Claim specific rejections must be reported in the 2000D Patient level. See Section 3.4 (Business Scenario 4) for a reporting example.
Submission 6/10/2011
Status Date 7/22/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X214
Set ID277
Segment IDSTC