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Holly George


Can you provide a more in depth explanation on the CN1 and the following statement from the TR3?;

1. The developers of this implementation guide note that the CN1
segment is for use only for post-adjudicated claims, which do not
meet the definition of a health care claim under HIPAA. Consequently,
at the time of this writing, the CN1 segment is for non-HIPAA use only.

If this is for Non-HIPAA use only why is it here? What are the conditions for non-HIPAA? Under what conditions would it be acceptable?

A search on the X12 Interpretations site brought up a couple of questions (RFI 539 and RFI 1130) but there they do not cover these specific questions.

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provide a more in depth explanation on the CN1 and the statement non-HIPAA use


X12 develops TR3's for Industry use. Health Care TR3's are intended to meet all of the needs of Industry, and there are several examples of Non-HIPAA usages in the TR'3's. It's after the TR3's are developed that they are adopted under HIPAA. The CN1 segment can only be used by willing Trading Partners for the Non-HIPAA-mandated exchange of post-adjudicated claims.
Submission 6/15/2011
Status Date 8/19/2011
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X222
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