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Ylitalo Tamara


The 270/271 Health Care Benefit Inquiry and Response TR3 Section 1.4.8 Search Options describe maximum required Primary & Alternate Search Options. However, is not clear what the minimum search option is. Should a Member ID alone be considered sufficient data to perform a search?

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270 Minimum Search Options


No minimum search criteria are identified in 005010X279. If an Information Source choses to support an alternate search option that contains only a Member ID, they may do so; however they should only respond if there is only one individual that matches the Member ID in their system.


For 5010, it is recommended that at least two pieces of information are used to ensure that mis-keying of the member ID has not occurred.
Submission 6/23/2011
Status Date 1/4/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
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