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Reitter John


Can you provide guidance as to the use of B3 Segment/Data Element 76 for X12 110/210 transactions, Most EDI files I receive contain one Message (ST-SE) with a unique Invoice Number and multiple LX loops within the ST-SE Message per set of Lading items. However, one Carrier is now providing multiple Messages (ST-SE) with the same Invoice Number and only one LX loop per Lading item. Instead of one Message (ST-SE) and multiple LX loops for one Invoice Number, they are using the entire Message (ST-SE) as a loop; the "uniqueness" is in the TSN.

Can you please provide any guidance as to Message Transaction sets and unique Invoice Numbers?

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Invoice Number B3 Looping


Although there is nothing in the X12 standard to prevent multiple 210's with the same invoice number, a single 210 should be used per unique invoice number (B302).


As a practical matter, all charges related to the same shipment should be included in one 210 invoice with one unique invoice number. It is difficult to match services with charges when receiving charges across multiple invoices for the same shipment.
Submission 7/27/2011
Status Date 1/31/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010 X12.5