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Thomas Coyle


SVC06 - 1 on the 835 is used to report the originally submitted procedure code if the adjudicated code has been changed. My question is related to the modifiers. Does changing modifiers (adding, changing or deleting) count has a change? Also does changing the order of the modifier count as a change?

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SVC06-1 original modifier


This issue is explicitly answered in guide X091 in section 3.1 on page 142. The instructions for SVC06 indicate that the composite is used when the adjudicated code in SVC01 is different than the submitted code. This statement applies to all parts of the composite, including the modifiers. If the payer reordering of the modifiers changed the outcome of the adjudication, then the order also represents a change, requiring use of SVC06.
Submission 11/11/2004
Status Date 11/15/2004
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X091A
Segment Position070
Segment IDSVC
Element Position06