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Minnie White


AAA Follow-up Action Code: Can an explanation of the intended usage be provided for the codes: C-Please correct and resubmit, P-Please resubmit original transaction (does this literally mean the exact same file including the values for BHT03 and TRNs?), R-Resubmission allowed.
I am trying to identify the differences between R-Resubmission and C-correct and resubmit.

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AAA Follow-up Action Code


Even though there are not clear definitions for use for the AAA04 values, the principle purpose of requesting a “Resubmission” versus a “Correct and Resubmit” are as follows: When a value of “R” (Resubmission) is returned, the entity is asking for a complete return of the original request. However, some trading partner questions may arise as to the resubmission of the exact same file with values ISA, GS, ST, BHT03 etc. being the same since some entities will save the original values even for a rejected response. “Please Correct and Resubmit” is a asking for an action to correct the data that was in error and resubmit the request.
Submission 8/3/2011
Status Date 11/16/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
Set ID278
Segment Position889
Segment IDAAA
Element Position04