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Cory Everett


On a dependent 271 response, I have a few questions in scenario where member ID is corrected.
Question 1 - should the REF*Q4 member ID correction be in the sub loop? In this case, the associated INS segment would also need to be in the sub loop to ensure compliance.

Question 2 - in the case the member ID is corrected, the REF*Q4 and associated INS segment are in the sub loop. If there is dependent information correction, such as a first name or last name, is the expectation the REF segments for the dependent correction are in the Dependent loop? Is it acceptable and desired that in this case, there are the REF segments in the Dep loop with the associated INS segment in addition to the REF*Q4 and INS segment in the Sub loop?

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270 271 Dependent REF*Q4 REF INS


1. For 5010, Member ID has been removed from NM108/NM109 in the 2100D loop in both the 270 and 271 and as such there is no Member ID in the 2100D loop to correct. Only the 2100C NM108/NM109 Member ID could be corrected with an the REF with REF01 = Q4 returned in the 2100C loop.

2. It is acceptable to return an INS in the 2100C if the Member ID was corrected as well as return an INS in the 2100D if dependent information was also corrected.
Submission 8/15/2011
Status Date 1/4/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
Section271 REF
Segment IDREF