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Jennifer Hutson


For Loop 2000C/PAT01 on Dental and Institutional 837's, the qualifiers of 21-Unknow, 39-Organ Donor, 40-Cadaver Donor and G8-Other Relationship were added to 5010. If we receive an inbound 5010 and it is sent out as 4010, what qualifiers would relate to each of these? I don't see a match that is even close on the 4010, but PAT01 is required so we need to populate it with a qualifier outbound.


Submitter Assigned Keywords

PAT01 2000C G8 21 39 40


It is suggested that for the outbound ASC X12N TR3 004010X097A1 (837D) you use the “76 – Dependent” qualifier; qualifiers 21, 39, 40 and G8 are available in both the ASC X12 Implementation Guide version 004010X096A1 (837I) and ASC X12N TR3 version 005010X223A2 (837I).
Submission 9/16/2011
Status Date 11/29/2011
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X224
SectionTable 2
Set ID837D
Segment Position01
Segment IDPAT