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Can a TR2 put additional requirements on the health insurance industry usage of a transaction set above and beyond those specified in the TR3? And if it can, would the transaction set be considered to be out of compliance (from either an X12 or HIPAA perspective) with the TR3 if it failed to meet the requirements of the TR2 even if it otherwise met the requirements laid out in the TR3 itself?

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Trading partners may agree to require compliance with a TR2 when exchanging documents between themselves but there is no requirement from an X12 compliance perspective unless the TR3 explicitly requires compliance with a compatible version/release of a TR2. Since an applicable TR2 would contain valuable additional information, trading partners are encouraged to take the TR2 into consideration as they implement.
Submission 9/21/2011
Status Date 11/2/2011
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X221