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kena gwinn


The REF*FJ is to be returned in the 277 only in the event that it was submitted in the 276 AND line level information is being giving. Can you tell me what the REF02 respresents. Is this a value that was assigned on the 837 and the provider potentially could send on the 276 to uniquely identify a specific SVC that they submitted? There is some confusion if this is a line # or a unique # assigned by the provider. Based on the 276/277 example it appears to be a # assigned by the provider. The 276/277 guide does not indicate that this is related to the value that is on the 837. The 837 TR3 does have a REF 6R that is call the same thing as the 276/277 is called.

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The Appendix E, Data Element Glossary, for each 837 and the 276/277 define the Line Item Control Number as an ‘Identifier assigned by the submitter/provider to this line item’. The 837 also indicates the line item control number is used for subsequent communication to or from the payer. One example of a subsequent communication would be the 276/277. The 837 guides further clarify this should be a unique number assigned by the provider.
Submission 9/29/2011
Status Date 11/16/2011
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X212
Set ID276
Element Position02
Industry NameReference Identification