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We are requesting guidance on how to respond, if at all, to an Interchange in which validation encounters a fatal error condition, such as a control character, before the "Acknowledgment Requested" indicator in ISA14 can be read; a similar issue is how to respond, if at all, when a fatal error is encountered before the Interchange Control Number in ISA13 can be read.

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ISA validation


The standards are silent as to what should be done.


In circumstances such as this in which the ISA is so corrupted that a TA1 cannot be generated the only alternative is for a person to review the error and take action based on trading partner agreement. This would usually consist of contacting the sender by phone or e-mail, providing as much identifying information about the interchange as can be determined, and requesting they correct and re-send.
Submission 10/6/2011
Status Date 2/11/2016
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document X12.5