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david spring


In the 999 TR-3, the element IK402 is for reporting the data element reference number of the element in error. This element is defined as numeric (N0). How can a situational error in CLM05, that has a reference number of C203, be reported? How can any other data element reference number that comes from a composite data element be reported in IK402 of the 999?


The data element 725, the data element used in AK402, is data type N0 in the 5010 standard. Due to the data type, the composite data element reference designator cannot be populated into Data Element 725.


DE 725 is the data element used in the CTX05-1 component data element. The 999 implementation guide (005010X231A1) gives specific guidance concerning this situation for CTX05-1. IK402 and CTX05-1 are both data element 725. It is recommended the same guidance for CTX05-1 be used for IK402.

Required when CTX05 is used and the data element reference number of the data element identified in CTX05-1 is known by the submitter of the 999 and it is NOT a composite data element.

ASC X12 has completed data maintenance on DE 725, modifying the data type from (N0) to (AN) in future versions of the standard.
Submission 11/17/2011
Status Date 2/8/2016
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X231