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Jan Klimper


When backing out/reversing a payment, should the submitted and adjudicated units appear as a negative value, similar to the monetary amounts?

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835 Reversal Units


The 5010A1 guide does not specifically address how the reversed units should be handled in a reversal, and we cannot introduce new explicit instructions in this forum. This issue will be discussed further by the workgroup so that more clear direction can be given in a future guide. In the meantime, we suggest using the existing situational rules for the related elements to determine when they must be used and as guidance for their contents. NOTE: It is the intent of the reversal to "reverse the entire claim". The goal is to clean up claim detail that is no longer valid to prepare for the corrected claim data.
Submission 11/22/2011
Status Date 1/31/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221