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Katie Sullivan


How should the BPR segment in the 820 be structured when remittance information is sent separately from the payment and the separate payment is an EFT through an ACH clearinghouse? The 820 does not appear to be structured in the same manner as the 835.

In the above situation, we have determined BPR01 value would be “I -Remittance Information Only”. What is the appropriate value for BPR04, can the value in BPR04 be “ACH” when BPR01 is “I” or must it be “NON” even though an EFT payment is being made separately? If BPR04 can be ACH, how should you populate BPR05 through BPR09 and BPR12 through BPR15 given there are conflicting situational rules for elements that are syntactically required together such as BPR06 and BPR07?

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In your example, the 5010 version of the 820 is not used as a payment instruction from the premium payer to the bank. It is conveying remittance information from the premium payer to the payee. Therefore, the appropriate value of BPR01 is "I" (Remittance Information Only). The appropriate value of BPR04 is "NON" as explained in the note with "NON". "ACH" is only appropriate when the 820 is used as a payment instruction from the premium payer to the bank.

The 6020 version of the 820 is more aligned with the 835.
Submission 12/5/2011
Status Date 2/27/2012
Status F - Final
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