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Mike Denison


As status code 570 is an active status code, what is the appropriate use of status code 570? How would the "Free Form Message Text" be communicated if not in 2200D or 2220D STC12?

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277CA 5010X214 STC12


Health Care Claim Status Code ‘570’ was originally created to provide status on a front-end editing error related to the NTE02 element of the NTE (Note) Segment in the 837. It was not created for the purpose of returning a ‘Free Form Message Text’ in the 277CA 2200D or 2220D STC12. The 005010X214 specifically indicates in the 2200D or 2220D STC12 Rule, that the STC12 element may only be used with Health Care Claim Status Code 448, otherwise STC12 is not used. Health Care Claim Status Code 448 has been deactivated effective 1/1/2012, essentially making STC12 no longer valid for use.


When reporting statuses that result from edits related to the NTE02 data element of the NTE (Note) Segments in the 837, the workgroup recommends use of Health Care Claim Status Code ‘704 – Claim Note Text’ and ‘586 – Line Note Text’ as opposed to 570, which is vague and not specific to the data element.

The workgroup will consider submitting a request to have code 570 deactivated.
Submission 12/6/2011
Status Date 1/19/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X214
Segment IDSTC
Element Position12