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Michael Jenkins


I am trying to understand how you can submit more than one record for the DTP - File Effective Date in the 834 file. The Segment Repeat is listed at >1 and I am trying to understand that. The values that can be sent would seem to overwrite each other and I feel they are mutually exclusive. Can you explain how this is used?

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The various possible dates in Table 1 DTP segment are mutually exclusive, although you can send more than one, which is why the segment is repeatable.

For example:

The effective date could be 12/1/2011.
The maintence effective date could be as of the date the enrollment process ran - 11/28/2011
The payment commencement date could be 12/1/2011.
The report start date could be - 11/1/2011.

The dates should not overwrite since each uses a unique DTP01 qualifier.
Submission 12/13/2011
Status Date 2/2/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X220
Set ID834
Segment IDDTP
Industry NameDate/Time Qualifier