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Janice Cunningham


CHK reported in BPR04 when payment method is EFT. Is it compliant to send CHK in BPR04 if the payment is EFT?

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EFT payment reported as CHK in BPR04


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 005010X221A1. The note on BPR04 code "CHK" reads:

"Use this code to indicate that a check has been issued for payment."

The note on BPR04 code "ACH" reads:

"Use this code ...or to notify the provider that an ACH transfer was requested."

In addition, the value in BPR04 impacts the requirements for other elements of the BPR segment that are required when BPR04 equals "ACH" but are not used when BPR04 equals "CHK". Those elements are required with an ACH EFT because they are of value to the receiver in performing reassociation and identifying where the payment is actually being deposited.

The guide intent is clear that when payment is being made by EFT, specific information must be present related to that payment mechanism.

While an 835 transaction containing a BPR04 value of "CHK" could not be identified as non-compliant based only on the contents of BPR04, the statement that the actual payment is being made by EFT makes that 835 non-compliant with the technical report.
Submission 12/14/2011
Status Date 3/12/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Segment IDBPR