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Deborah Meisner


Both the Subscriber and the Dependent Loops in the 270 and 271 transactions for the HI segment, composite element 01 contain a note that reads "E codes are not used in HI01 except when defined by the claims processor. E codes may be put in any other HI element using BF as the qualifier."

Since E Codes in ICD-9 indicate external causes associated with a diagnosis and codes that begin with ‘E’ in ICD-10 indicate something completely different, what is the meaning of this note?

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E-Codes in 270/271


The note on HI01 for “E Codes” refers to External Cause of Injury codes in both the 270 and 271 and was intended to refer only to ICD-9 CM E codes (as noted by the reference to use with code BF). This does not apply to ICD-10 codes beginning with the letter E.


This note will be removed in a future TR3.
Submission 12/15/2011
Status Date 3/6/2012
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X279
Set ID270
Segment IDHI
Component PositionHI
Industry NameDiagnosis Code