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Deb McCachern


005010X279: This question pertains to non-rejection response. In the 271, the subscriber address (N3/N4) is always required when the subscriber is the patient (see RFI 847). The wording of the Situational Notes in N3/N4 for the dependent address does not seem to have the same requirement: "Required when the Information Source requires this information to identify the Dependent for subsequent EDI transactions.." Am I interpreting the TR3 correctly - that the Information Source is not always required to return the dependent's address whenever the dependent is the patient, but only if needed on downstream transactions?

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Yes, you are interpreting the TR3 correctly. For example, if an Information Source requires the Dependent's address be submitted in an 837, then the Information Source is required to return the Dependent's address in the 271 Response.
Submission 12/19/2011
Status Date 3/6/2012
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