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claudia odgers


The provider is a Community Mental Health Center. They have a category of “Other” for Place of Service (POS) code when for example they may be picking someone up from a school and taking them home, or they may take a client to an outside setting like a park. What address should they use when their services fall in the Place of Service “Other” category? Also, is the 9 digit zip code required for the Place of Service address?

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Address Zip Code


The 2310E service facility loop contains the location where the provider actively delivered rehabilitation services including a park or other outside setting. The pick-up and drop-off locations for transportation services are not included on the institutional claim.
If the therapy location does not have a known street address then the submitter includes a description of the location as indicated in the N3 segment's TR3 note and no zip code is submitted in the N4 segment.


Submitters begin the description in the N301 with the word "Location" to indicate that there is no known street address.
Submission 12/28/2011
Status Date 4/27/2012
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X223