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Situation: A 270 is sent containing a TRN segment in the HL22 loop. The payer's 271 has a AAA segment in the HL20 loop indicating an error processing the inquiry. The 271 contains a HL21 loop but, doesn't contain a HL22 loop with a TRN segment containing the trace number that was sent in the inquiry.
The payer indicated that since they chose not to return the HL22 loop, they couldn't return the TRN segment. The 2000B & C being situational contradicts 1.3.6 requirements.

Is this allowed?

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The intent of the Imp. Guide was not to require lower HL Loops for 271 transactions that are rejected at a higher level. In the 271 transaction, loops 2000B and 2000C are not required in the event that the transaction is rejected at a higher level. The TRN segment received in a 270 2000C loop would be required to be returned if the 271 contained a 2000C loop.

Section 1.3.6 Information Linkage has the following for the BHT03:

BHT03 - Submitter Transaction Identifier. This is used to identify the transaction at a high level. This is particularly useful in reconciling 271 reject transactions that may not contain all of the HL Loops.

Section 4.2 Example A (p 359) illustrates a transaction that was rejected in the 2100B loop and has no 2000C loop, even though the original 270 request in Section 4.1 Example A (p 344) did have a TRN segment in 2000C. The intent was that the Information Receiver, when receiving a rejected transaction of this nature, should rely on the tie back number in BHT03.


Utilize the BHT03 as a secondary trace number in 270 and 271 transactions when the transaction is rejected at a high level and the TRN is not returned.

Version 005010 of the Implementation Guide has added the following clarifying notes indicating that the TRN segments received at the 2000C or 2000D level must be returned in the 271 response transaction unless a AAA is generated in 2000A, 2100A or 2100B.
Submission 11/19/2004
Status Date 9/16/2005
Status F - Final
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Document 004010C092A1
Set ID270271
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